ESI Registration

Proper registration under the ESI scheme of ESIC, is referred to as the ESI Registration. ESIC is acronym for Employees' State Insurance Corporation, which functions under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India.
From Rs 7,500/- Inc. of all taxes

Every establishment in which ten or more persons are employed has to apply for Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Registration within fifteen days from the date of its applicability. “ESIC” allows medical treatment to the employees insured and their families. It also protects employees in events of illness, disablement, harm, hurt or death due to employment. Losses of wages during the period of his leave from work are also compensated to the insured employees.

If Gross salary i.e, Basic+ DA+ HRA of any employee is less or equal to Rs. 15,000/- per month, ESI is to be deducted on the rate prescribed and shall be paid to the Corporation on or before 21st day of the following month in which the ESI was deducted.

Salient Features of ESI Registration

Sustained Compliance

Organizations under ESI coverage must file annual return showing the changes if any during the preceding year. Return of contributions enclosing copy of all ESI contributions paid must be submitted once every six months.

Sickness Benefit

Sickness benefit in the form of periodic cash payments can be provided under the ESI scheme to a employee covered under ESI during period of certified sickness, requiring medical treatment and abstention from work on medical grounds. Sickness benefit at 70% of the average daily wages can be paid under the scheme for 91 days during 2 consecutive benefit periods.

ESI Registration

ESI Registration for Employers having more than 10 employees. The Employer must contribute 4.75% of the Employees wages towards ESI. Once, registered the organization is allotted a 17 digit unique identification code.

Extended Sickness Benefit

In case an employee covered under ESI is suffering from long term diseases and experiencing great hardship, then on expiry of 91 days of sickness benefit, extended sickness benefit of upto 2 years can b provided. Hence, extended sickness benefit is available only after exhausting sickness benefit to which an employee may be eligible. Further, to be entitled to the Extended Sickness Benefit the employee should have been in continuous employment for 2 years or more at the beginning of a spell of sickness in which the disease is diagnosed and should also satisfy other contributory conditions.

Enlarged Sickness Benefit

Enlarged sickness benefit was introduced in 1976 to incentivice employees covered under ESI who are undergoing vasectomy or tubectomy. Employees covered under ESI are eligible for ordinary sickness benefit at enhanced sickness benefit of 100% of average daily wages for undergoing sterilisation operations for family welfare. Duration of enhanced sickness benefits is upto 7 days in the case of vasectomy and upto 14 days in the case of the tubectomy from the date of operation or from the date of admission in the hospital as the case may be. The period of enhanced sickness benefit is extendable in case of post operative complications.

Transparent And Competitive Pricing

ESI Registration For Business Having Less Than 20 Employees
ESI & PF Registration For Business Having Less Than 20 Employees
ESI & PF Registration For Business Having Less Than 50 Employees
Rs. 8,000
Rs. 7,500
Inc. all taxes
Rs. 15,000
Rs. 13,999
Inc. all taxes
Rs. 26,000
Rs. 23,499
Inc. all taxes
Delivery Process

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3. Verification

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4. Submitting the Application Forms

There are different application forms to be filled and submitted. We will fill the these forms using the information provided by you.

5. Hurray......It's Done

Once your ESI Registration is complete, we shall send you the 17-digit identification Code Number, Employee Insurance Number and Temporary Identity Card.

Frequently Asked Questions
Maternity benefit is cyclical payments to an insured female employee for specified period of absence from work, due to confinement, miscarriage or sickness out of pregnancy, premature birth of child or miscarriage or confinement. The amount of maternity benefit is equal to the standard benefit rate.
Dependants’ benefit is a monthly pension paid to the dependants of an employee who dies as a result of an employment related injury or occupational disease.
Registration is the process of recording information about the entry of an employee into insured employment, under the Act.
Means average daily wages calculated by dividing the total wages paid during the contribution period by the number of day for which these wages were paid.
No. There are no qualifying conditions or contributory conditions attached for claiming disablement or Dependants benefit. Even if he meets with an employment related injury on the very first day or on any day before he completes his first contribution period, the benefit can be claimed.
It is a personal injury to an employee caused by an accident or an occupational disease arising out of and in the course of his employment within or outside India.
Disablement is a condition resulting from employment injury, which may render the employee temporarily incapable of doing his work and necessitate medical treatment (temporary disablement). It may reduce his earning capacity (permanent partial disability) or it may completely deprive the employee of his ability of doing any work (permanent total disability).
It is a personal injury to an employee caused by an accident or an occupational disease arising out of and in the course of his employment within or outside India.
Registration of employee is the necessary to identify the employee and to provide such employee the benefits under the Act which are related to the contributions paid by the employer on behalf of each of the insured persons.
In addition to the Muster roll, wage record and books of Account maintained under other laws, the employer is required to maintain the following records for ESI:- Accident Register in Form-11 An inspection book. The immediate employer is also required to maintain the Employee’s Register for the employees deployed to the principal employer.
These are the following reports to be submitted by the employer : Reports: Accident report in Form 12 in case any accident takes place, to the notice of the Accident. Absence verification report such as Employee Records including attendance, wages and books of accounts.
Yes, it is mandatory requirement for every employer who comes under this act to register their Factory/ Establishment.

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