Business ITR

Business Income Tax Return is the form in which an assessee files information about his Income and tax thereon to Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Act, 1961, and the Income Tax Rules, 1962, obligates citizens to file returns with the Income Tax Department at the end of every financial year. These returns should be filed before the specified due date.
From Rs 7,499/- Inc. of all taxes

Business is 'the organized effort of individuals to produce and sell, for a profit, the goods and services that satisfy society's needs.' A business, then, is an organization which seeks to make a profit through individuals working toward common goals. The goals of the business will vary based on the type of business and the business strategy being used. Regardless of the preferred strategy, businesses must provide a service, product, or good that meets a need of society in some way.

Salient Features of Business ITR

Liability to Submit ITR

As per Income Tax Laws, every Business (In registered format) must submit their Income Tax return as per the provisions of Income Tax Act.

Creation of Tax Paid Income

By submitting Income Tax return on an annual basis, the tax payer makes a record of his Tax Paid income and strengthens his wealth profile.

Proof of Income

Apart from other income proofs like Bank Statements, GST Returns etc., Income Tax return is considered to be a major Income proof while applying for Bank Finance.

Transparent And Competitive Pricing

Business ITR
1 Year TDS Filing
1 Year GST Filing
Rs. 10,000
Rs. 7,499
Inc. all taxes
Rs. 27,000
Rs. 19,499
Inc. all taxes
Rs. 50,000
Rs. 39,499
Inc. all taxes
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Frequently Asked Questions
As much as you can reasonably afford, and in an amount to at least carry you for 6-9 months with no income. What you will find is that it always takes you longer to get revenues, and that you will experience more expenses than you anticipated.
Not starting with enough capital Thinking that success will come quickly Not carefully budgeting Not focusing on the quality of the product or service Underestimating the importance of sales and marketing Not adapting or iterating quickly enough Not understanding the competitive landscape Ignoring legal and contract matters Hiring the wrong employees Mispricing the product or service
Financial Statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow) Employee records Board and stockholder minutes and consents Stock and options ledger Tax filings and records (Federal, state & local income, sales and property taxes) Secretary of State filings (Certificate of Incorporation, annual filings, etc.) Invoices & contracts Bank accounts Creditor records
Consider the following, depending on your business: General liability insurance Product liability insurance Professional liability insurance Property insurance Worker’s compensation insurance Directors & officers insurance Health insurance for employees Business interruption insurance Commercial auto insurance Data breach insurance Key man life insurance
Business interruption insurance provides cover if you lose money as a result of not being able to trade. This could be due to stock or equipment being stolen, damaged or destroyed. It also covers any additional costs you have to pay out to get your business back up and running.
Extremely unlikely. Get a product done, gain some transaction, get a good management team, and then consider getting venture financing.
No, don’t waste your time. It will be counterproductive and slow down your fundraising. And many investors will refuse anyway. It’s hard enough to get a meeting with an investor don’t put another roadblock in the way. For the most part, it’s not the idea that is important, it’s the implementation of the idea and the entrepreneurs behind it.
Shortage of capital and cash flow Having a good business plan Coming up with a great product or service Sticking to it Working more than you expected Maintaining some kind of work/life balance Hiring good employees Knowing when to fire bad employees Having to wear so many hats Managing your time
A business that you are passionate about Has the potential to grow into something big in a reasonable time frame You have some experience in (avoiding the problem of “you don’t know what you don’t know”) You would enjoy doing (don’t build a business that you will dread going to everyday) One that can cause meaningful improvement in users’ lives
Many books and articles have been written on this subject as well. Here is a summary of the most effective sources of capital: Personal funds Credit cards Friends and family Bank loans/SBA financings Venture capitalists Equipment loan financing

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